Monday, July 26, 2010

Finally! An Update…….aka….What I Did during My Summer Vacation

Let me just say this. When your blog talks to you, you should listen. Not too long ago (but longer than I realized--*blush*) my blog spoke up and said:

Hi. This is your blog speaking. You haven't updated in a while and I am feeling deserted and lonely and besides that spammy comments are starting to show up. 

 (Fine you caught me, it's Sheri, but I am speaking for your blog, since you haven't opened it in a while it can't send you a message.)

Okay, I know it was my friend, Sheri, but still.

Yes….I have been a slacker. I hate that I’ve slacked because I now have a TON of reviews and giveaways to blog about and I’m down to about three readers!


You 3 will have to help me spread the word once I’ve posted a giveaway. I have product reviews and giveaways coming that cover the mind, the body, and the spirit. There will be health, beauty, and even something pretty to wear. I am excited to share about the products I have discovered! I have an especially nice giveaway that will start on my birthday in just ONE week. Hint…..it’s almost like money in your pocket!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for a product review AND giveaway that will have you looking good. *wink* *wink*

After that, I’ll be putting up a special blog post. It’s a story I wrote for a special little girl. After I wrote it, I thought I’d share it with my blog friends. Warning--it’s pretty sad. It doesn’t exactly have a happy ending. Well….it does, but it doesn’t. You’ll see….. It’s a story that must be told.


Let’s talk about what I’ve been up to. LOTS of stuff!

Let’s see…… I need to go all the way back to the last week of May…..

I was excited for the school year to end and for all of my babies to be home with me 24/7 again. Did you hear what I just said???? I’ll just say it again. I love having everyone at home. But, boy. I was not prepared for the full force of it this year. I’m not sure why. I mean, I’ve home schooled my kids since 1998. Just two years ago, we sent the younger boys to school. It sure doesn’t take long to lose your step!

I’m sad to say that it took nearly 3 weeks (precious weeks!) to smooth the transition. And look….. Now it’s almost over! The first day of school is just two weeks away! (My birthday) Freedom over. I am sad. Anyway, back to the story.
Funny, school kids reduce their summer break into one neat little paragraph and I’m writing a book about one day!


That same week (Remember? The last week of May?) I took my two oldest kids to Beale Street in Memphis. The folks at Mutual of Omaha invited me to come down and videotape my 'AHA' moment. These folks travel the country taping these special moments, then later choose some for their television commercials. “My name is Lisa and this is my AHA moment.” Ring a bell?

Well, if you’ve been here to my blog, EVER, you know that I do NOT do photos. I am not photogenic and I hate seeing myself on film or even hearing my voice in a voice mail. As a matter of fact, I had just blogged about this very subject and had stepped out and posted some photo outtakes of myself. (Just linked it so you can see it again.  I'm so brave!) 

My first reaction to the AHA crew was, “Ummmm……no.” But could this be meant for me? For my personal growth? I’m not sure, but it seemed like it. So, we went to Beale Street.

We walked around a lot.

We went to the Gibson Guitar factory and the Rock & Soul Museum.

My boy played guitars with price tags and history that would blow you away!

We goofed around at the Fedex Forum Arena.

We ate at the Hard Rock Café.  My music lovin’, guitar-playin’ boy was in heaven!

We heard street bands playing the Blues.

We saw street acrobats flipping and passing their buckets.

And we even saw a blue dude. (??)

And yes. I taped my AHA moment!

I talked about feeling as if I haven’t done the things, fulfilled the dreams of my youth as I planned. Like, becoming an artist or writing a book. However, I have realized (AHA!) that, because those dreams do live in me, are a part of who I am; I have passed those loves to my children. I have taught them (unknowingly) to live their dreams just by being myself and putting a little of ‘me’ into everything I do. I have taught them that they can be artists, musicians, writers, creative individuals. My dreams live on in my children…..

I did it!!

I actually walked into the Mutual of Omaha’s traveling studio and taped my AHA moment. It wasn’t so bad. They actually made it pretty easy. Oh, I was nervous, but I did it!

Sharing the link to the actual video? Uhhhh….that’s a different story. I haven’t even shared it with my family! I can’t. *sigh* Maybe someday……

In a couple of days I’ll tell you about my family’s trip to Vegas, my oldest son’s Rush adventure, the swimming (oh, the swimming!), and how I became an eBay Power Seller for a week when my husband was out of town and how I never, EVER want to do that again!
But first, the product review and giveaway post, and then the story.

Whew….. How’s that for a content post? FINALLY….

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