Friday, March 4, 2011

Life 360º Emergency Medical Alert Service--Peace of Mind for the Special Needs Family


I have a couple of questions for families with children affected by Autism or medical conditions....

Do your children wear medical alert jewelry?   If not, do you ever think about getting something like this for your family?   If so, does it make you feel more secure?

Ever since Eli was a baby, I have often wondered if he should be wearing some type of medical alert tag.  If you've spent any time at all here or as my Twitter or Facebook friend, you know that Eli has complex heart disease and Autism.  If something happened and he was face to face, alone, with a first responder, there is no way he could relay his personal information, much less his extensive medical history.  The scar on his chest would eventually tell his secret, but that could take a while.

I've pondered this idea over the years, picked up order forms, looked at websites, but never took the next step.  Some of the companies are very expensive and, well, our family of seven only has so much discretionary money.  (Not to trivialize the situation.  Y'all know what I mean, right?)

So...imagine my surprise when a  Life 360º representative emailed and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their website, medical alert services, and medical ID products.  I couldn't believe it!  I quickly accepted and was able to begin the process of setting up our family's account.

I decided two get medical alert IDs for my two youngest kids.  Both of my boys are on the Autism spectrum and take various medications--important information if either boy needed a first responder.  I chose a sport bracelet and a shoe tag so I could test the quality of both.

While I waited for the IDs to arrive, I went back to the website and set up the boys' personal sections.  The website is well designed with clear directions for navigation.  The instructions for set up were well-written and easy to follow.  It did take me quite some time to set up the two accounts, however, both boys have multiple medical providers, meaning several listings were needed.  The process took time, but it was definitely no difficult in any way.

Not long after setting up our account, I received a package from Life 360º.  Inside were both ID products along with the personalized information.  This information is printed on waterproof cardstock.  It is thick and durable.  Each boy received a wallet ID card, 2 printed ID inserts, and 2 blank inserts that can be personalized with a Sharpie type marker.

I decided the older boy would get the shoe tag because there is no way he would tolerate the bracelet due to sensory sensitivities.  I inserted the pre-printed strip and attached the tag to his shoe.  Perfect!

I gave the sport band to the younger boy.  He seemed to like it.  He wore it for a full weekend and then on a family outing.  It didn't make it back home.  Thankfully, I found it in the van.  I promptly switched the two IDs, wishing I had went with two shoe tags.  Oh, well. 

The sport band is well made and looks nice.  We use it for outings other than school since my boy does have tolerance issues.

I really like the shoe tag.  It's subtle, but noticeable with the yellow stripe.  It fit easily across my little one's smaller shoe with the velcro straps.  It also fit my older son's bigger shoes with shoe strings.  It was secure on both styles and sizes of shoe.  It is a great choice for any child who may fidget with a bracelet or necklace.  You may still have to watch your child--my little one did pull the shoe tag off when he discovered it.  It was lost for a good while.   *sigh*  

Joining Life 360º entitles each of my boys to a personal ID number that allows first responders to call and access their medical information.  The basic account is free and includes family GPS tracking, family alerts, and offender monitoring.  Upgrade to the premium account and you get the additional emergency medical identification, family identification protection, and lost item recovery.  Unfortunately, the price of the premium service is no where to be found on the website. After a seven day free trial, the premium upgrade is $19.99 a month.

That's not a bad price for peace of mind. 

The pre-printed wallet ID cards are included.  The personal ID products, including the sport band bracelet and the shoe tag, are an additional charge but still very nicely priced.  the sport band with inserts is $15.00 and the shoe tag is $10.00.  Even if you were to choose to discontinue the monthly service, the IDs could still be used by filling in the included blank strips with  personal contact information and your doctor's phone number. 

Well worth the price for peace of mind.

We have had our Life 360º account for nearly six months and thankfully, we have not needed to access the medical information stored within the account.  In order to test the service, I have visited the weblink on the medical alert strips and posted messages as if I were a medical professional just to see what would happen.  I have also tested the family alert service.  I can go into the account and send out a message to every contact listed.  Just today I sent a message out that was received in my email, my husband's email, our cell phones and our teens' cell phones.  Pretty cool.

I am more than satisfied with Life 360º.  I would like to add an apology to Life 360º for the long delay in timing on this review.  Life got in the way, and well...y'all know how quickly time passes.  It really can get away from you! 

I hope that my CHD and Autism mom friends will find this information useful.  Please visit Life 360º to learn more about this company and all they have to offer.  I noticed today that the website has a 'coming soon' Pet tracker logo.  Awesome! 

*Disclosure--I was given a free premium family account membership with my choice of 2 medical alert ID products in exchange for an honest review/blog post.  I received no other compensation for this post. 

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