Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wordless Wednesday




It's funny how living in town, even if it is a tiny town, influences  your views of nature.


I didn't realize this until we moved last year.  After spending most of my life in large cities or the suburbs, our family lived right in town for 7 years.  We could walk to the park/pool, the grocery store, the beauty shop, the high school football field, etc.


Then we moved.  Now we live in a two street neighborhood in the middle of a cow pasture in a very, very tiny town. 


We hear cows mooing.  Some days it feels like one of those "Happy Cows" commercials.  There are geese that  fly over our house every day.  You can see horses from our front yard and occasionally, a few people will ride their horses down our street. 


It's dark here at night.  I mean, really dark!  You can see the stars twinkling. 


We all are so much more aware of the nature around us.  We watch the birds.  I even have a hummingbird feeder.  (!?!)  Yeah, I know!

It's actually fun to watch the flowers bloom and see the excitement in the little boys over things like bugs and birds.  They are always picking dandelions and other weeds with flowers for me to save.  <sweet>


This is a bird we've been watching and hearing:


The Mourning Dove


You can click "listen" to hear the call. 


Soon it will be too hot, so for now, we are really enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Slacker? Or Preoccupied By Blood....

I'm slacking when it comes to the blog world lately. I'm blaming it on Spring Fever, but I think it's more like Hay Fever.

I really didn't intend to leave the picture of the purple toe up for two weeks. At this point it's just a memory. Yes, the nail is gone, but a brand new nail is already peeking out. Children heal so very fast!

Last night, this same child stood in his car seat and swung a 16x20 picture frame that was hanging on the living room wall. Before I could move, it was falling....falling on my baby's head. Thankfully, he saw it falling and ducked his head down. It happened in slow motion. Glass shattering, running...running but not moving?

Of course, I panicked. Usually calm and level-headed in an emergency, I screamed loud and long as I snatched him away from danger.

I was too late. There was blood. (He takes a blood thinner.) It looked like a river of blood. It was everywhere and his little hand was swiping at it, trying to clean it off of his leg....smearing, smearing.

The seven year old was so scared. He wanted the ambulance. He was crying, sobbing for his brother.

The cut on his hand, or puncture I should say, is small, but it took a lot of pressure to stop the bleeding. He also has two very small cuts on his cheek and nose.

Why is this child so busy? Why is it always the one that you feel the need to protect? After a short time, it was also a memory...a memory that is wedged in this mama's mind.

These pictures were actually taken before all of this happened, but I wanted to share the closeness of two brothers. A couple of happy memories from yesterday....

Playing outside on the porch....

and playing a game on the computer.I'm forever thankful I can share happy memories of yesterday. A tragedy was diverted. A blessing received, indeed!

Garden Pictures, As Promised!


The lilies are really beautiful this year!  Here are the pictures I wanted to share:


This is to the left of the front door.  When we moved in, this entire area was a flower bed and there was no bed to the right of the door.  For Mother's Day last year, we moved the pavers to create a waved bed all the way across the front and down the right side of the house.  My gift was the mini rosebush in the left of the picture and the $39.00 worth of sod remnants used to sod the remainder.  Notice the grass is still not fully green.  We haven't been watering enough-our water here is crazy high!


This is the same bed, but from the front porch.  The only thing I added here is the monkey grass.  It is really getting thick.  Time to spread it out.  Later in the summer, a thick ground cover comes up that looks a little like phlox, but has bigger flowers in all different colors-white, pink, orange, yellow and red.

This is on the right side of the house, taken from the front porch.  Very  pretty burgundy lilies.

These are a yellow, orange and pink combination.  Very  pretty.  I prefer the burgundy, but these are beautiful, especially in the photos.


There are still quite a few bare spots, but I think it looks pretty good.  I look forward to adding to the work the previous home owners did.  I would love to add some white azalea bushes, more hostas and a crepe myrtle.  Down the right side, I'd like to add a couple of  boxwoods and some hostas. 

Next year I'll have to separate the lilies and spread them out.  I also have orange daylilies at the mail box.  No pictures since they haven't bloomed yet.  They need to be thinned out badly.  I will add those down the left side of the house.  That side is nearly full sun, and has no flower bed yet.  That's the plan for next spring!  For right now, I have planters with tomato plants, pepper plants and a couple of watermelon plants on that side.

It's really funny to look at this and think about how 'not green' my thumb is!    It looks like I'm a garden slave!  NOT! 



Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Now that the school year is coming to a close....

I am torn. 

I want to just sit and do nothing. 

This probably explains my lack of blog entries of late. 

I want to declutter and clean the house.  Really clean the house.  I want to sit outside and sip tea.  I want to make school plans for next year.  I want to dig a little in the garden.   Wait.... did I just type that?  I am not the outdoorsy, dig in the garden type.   Hmmmm......

Maybe I want to sit outside and watch someone else dig in the garden.


I am truly torn!  Here is my list of musts:


I must clean the house.  Today.


I must declutter.  Really.

I must make plans for the new school year.  Hmm..Later.

I must sip tea and enjoy the garden. 

The garden was planted by the wonderful previous owners of our home.  I am so thankful for all of the perennials they planted!  It's the garden that just keeps on giving.  All I did was ask for $20.00 worth of black mulch for Mother's Day. 

Maybe I'll come back and add a picture after the lilies bloom.

I must stop lurking around the WWW!


 I have emails to answer and blog entries to post.  I just don't want to do it for some reason. 


I think I just need a break.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Step One And Two........Completed

I took the NET today and passed! I was extremely nervous due to lifelong test stress. Whew.... so glad it's over. I am definitely not a proponent for standardized testing. Yearly evaluations would undoubtedly benefit students with test fright.

Just to explain, I took Algebra 1 and 2 in high school with an A average in both, but was placed in a remedial math class in college due to my entrance test scores. Grrrrrr.....

There were nine of us testing today. I was the third one to finish and the first to pass. And, I did really well. At the end of the math section, I had talked myself into a certain failing grade.

I also completed step two today. I filled out the application for the LPN program.

Step three: mandatory orientation next month. I'm there!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Well, I did it. I went today and put the money on the table to register for the NET exam.

I'll be taking the exam in a few days. I'm one step closer to the fall 2008 LPN nursing program.

Of course, there are several more steps like passing the NET, for example. And then, actually getting chosen for one of the few openings....

We'll see. I'm a little nervous and excited about the changes, but also confident in my decision.

God has a few more opportunities to shut this door. If this is the plan, I'll be walking through it!

I'll be sure to post updates.

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