Saturday, January 24, 2009

You never know......Part 2....

I knew these were on the camera, but forgot to post them. This is how a 3 year old wears fuscia lipstick. All Over! lol Sissy's lipstick is "all gone gone"! He also used the sign for 'all done'. It was so cute, but so hard to get that lipstick off of his skin!

You never know what you're gonna find!

When your teens use your camera....
(I told you, Sheri!)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Whispers From Satan (And other thoughts associated with Believing)...

I've heard it said if you feel led to focus on an area of struggle, God will bring about opportunities above and beyond your expectations. You will be tested. You will exercise those areas of weakness past the point of "UNCLE!" over and over again.

On the flip side, Satan will be standing by, releasing a barrage of whispers, hoping to see you stumble. He counts it victory when you fall for his lies.

It's still January and my word for the year, BELIEVE, has been brought to the surface time and time again. Each time, it is preceded by a whisper of unbelief.

Something as simple as going to church brings on a windfall of whispers about everything from my choice of clothing, my appearance, my lack of connections with my church family.... The truth is that I have allowed these whispers to cloak my ability to celebrate Jesus in His house for a good while now. Last week I blocked those whispers with whispers of my own and was brought to tears by the sweet spirit of the service!

I believe.

And just last night Satan used my dreams to whisper in my ear. I saw my son's cardiologist and heard his apologies in my dreams. I will not focus on the whispers of Satan. I choose to stand firm and believe!

I believe.

Mark 5:36 (Amplified Bible)
Overhearing but ignoring what they said, Jesus said to the ruler of the synagogue, Do not be seized with alarm and struck with fear; only keep on believing.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Trying Again....

I'm trying the video again. I'm not sure why it didn't work. It was uploaded as public, and did have several views, but most people received messages that it was private. So...I deleted it and uploaded it again.

It's just a short clip of nothing I was posting as my Wordless Wednesday. You will hear me ask (in all my southern hickish glory) if he's 'done dancing'. He uses the ASL sign for "ALL DONE" a lot. In order to encourage him to speak, I was trying to make that connection. You'll see that I didn't. LOL

Monday, January 12, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY…Monday, January 12, 2009

Outside my window… The wind is blowing some and the sky is mostly cloudy. It's definitely winter time.

I am thinking… all the things on my to do list, a bad accident that is the moment's breaking news (a 3 yr old airlifted in critical condition).

I am thankful for… my life!

From the learning room… starting the second semester with my two homeschoolers.

From the kitchen… getting close to time to start the big roast with potatoes, carrots and onions on the menu for today..

I am wearing… gray sweats and a black t-shirt.

I am creating… a real mess on the kitchen table. It's time to sort through receipts for taxes...ugh!

I am going… pray without ceasing for many different people/issues today and this week.

I am reading… The Shack. I am enjoying the craziness of this book. It is absolutely nothing like I had expected.

I am hoping… That Eli's doctors will allow God to lead them as they discuss his medical case this week and make decisions on his expected upcoming heart surgery. I am praying for a MIRACLE!

I am hearing… the wind blowing.

Around the house… laundry, laundry and more laundry! And hopefully a little clutter control.

One of my favorite things… Facebook!

A few plans for the rest of the week… more tax prep, everyday chores and hopefully something fun somewhere along the way.

No picture thought today. I had one picked out, but I can't upload it for some reason. I keep getting an error message. Maybe I'll try again later.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mark 9:23-24

23 " 'If you can'?" said Jesus. "Everything is possible for him who believes."

24 Immediately the boy's father exclaimed, "I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!"

I heard a great sermon today on believing. The pastor pointed out that when you are outside of a situation, you feel strong in your beliefs. It is easy to lift a person up in prayer during their times of trouble or sorrow, to stand firm and pray with passion. To believe.

But, when the situation becomes personal, we struggle, our faith easily shaken. We know we believe, we want to believe...

Believing is never perfection. There is no such thing as perfect faith.

To believe, there needs to be a deeply passionate commitment to prayer and fasting.

To have a passionate prayer life you need to keep it:
simple and continual- It's just talking to God
personal and corporate-relationship with God, both singularly and with other believers
strategic and BIG-with purpose and in faith

A passionate prayer life will help you to believe. It releases God's power in your life.

I love this!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Peanut Butter and Elvis...

This past Thursday was Elvis' birthday. Yes, this is a big deal in our neck of the woods. Priscilla and Lisa Marie were on the news, along with all those fans, blowing out birthday candles.

When I think of Elvis, I think of where I was in August 1977 when he died. (My grandma's.) I think about how I saved all of the Memphis newspapers and watched the funeral procession on TV.

Then I think of peanut butter. Specifically, peanut butter and banana sandwiches. My friend Gina posted about these sandwiches and even had a picture.

When I saw her post, I immediately thought of Elvis. Then, of course, I thought of Priscilla, Graceland and Lisa Marie. Which led me to think about Scientology and the Travoltas (feeling especially connected with them as my son who would be 16, also died on Jan 2nd in 1993) and of course, Tom Cruise...

Anyway. Back to peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Every time I eat one of these, smashed all together-never sliced, I think about Elvis and wonder about the whole grilling thing. I've never had a grilled PBB. And then I think, you know, I should try it. But then I just go ahead and slap that mixture on plain white bread and go on my merry way.

Well, no more! Today I decided I would finally grill those bad boys. And. I. Did.

They were good. Yeah...I was a little disappointed. I think I set myself up. Next time I think I'll just have them at room temp without all of that extra butter.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


A year ago, I did something I've never done. I, along with a group of women that congregate on an online message board, chose a word to be our individual theme for the year.

Last year I chose motivation. While I still need loads of work in this area, I do feel it made a difference to actively focus on one particular area of weakness.

2008 was a big year in our family. Three of my children were diagnosed with either Asthma, ADHD or Autism. After a lifetime of learning at home, two of my boys went to public school for the first time. My youngest began a myriad of home therapies and will be going to a public special needs preschool beginning next week.

In retrospect, my word for 2008 probably should have been change. Motivation was my word, though, as I needed a lot of motivation to make these huge changes and keep going!

Now it is 2009 and time for a new word, a new theme.
A reminder was posted on the FIAR boards a few weeks ago and I began to ponder.

Almost immediately, the word believe was everywhere. I even posted about how kids 'believe' on this very blog. As I shopped for Christmas gifts, I came across a wooden plaque that screamed 'believe'.

It couldn't be that, could it? I mean, I believe.

I dismissed this word and began searching for my real word. At every turn, the same thoughts came back to me. Hope, faith, trust, believe...

So, I began to study these words. I looked up definitions. I did concordance searches, I looked for quotes. And I soon discovered a real pattern was emerging.

Hope-To have confidence; trust. To expect.

Faith-Confident belief; trusting acceptance.

Trust-To confidently expect. To hope. To believe.

Believe-To accept as true. To expect. To have faith. To trust.

Wow. I've had my word all along. It really hit me like a ton of bricks. Yes, I do believe in God. But what about me? Do I truly believe in myself? What about the people around me? Not just my family, but people? Do I believe in the good of mankind, or do I place too much focus on the indifference of others? Does my belief, my faith, my trust, my hope show? Do others see these qualities when they see me? The real me? God, help me to believe!

2009 will be my year to BELIEVE:
-In myself and my ability to do the things God has planned
-In the people around me
-In faith,in trust, and in hope in all situations

Here are a couple of quotes that jumped out at me during my word study:

*Faith is believing when there is nothing else you can do.*

*Whatever you believe with feeling becomes your reality.*

Both were listed giving credit to "unknown".

I also came across a great devotional. In part it says,

Our fears keep us from the peace God wants to give us. Because we fear, we don't believe. And because we don't believe, we fear.
Fear is unfaith. It's seeing only what makes human sense in a given situation. The way out of fear is faith. Where do we need to believe God, and what he is saying to us? Where do we need to give up our fear and replace it with faith?

Will we be fearful or faithful as we face whatever the future brings? When we fear, we don't believe and when we don't believe, we fear.

And finally, my verse for the year. It's a simple one, and the content doesn't directly address believing. It just spoke to my heart and sums up nicely what I've needed to hear and feel in my personal life.

Romans 8:31
What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?

If you don't fully believe (trust, have faith, hope), this verse is empty.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


Wow....another year.  The older you get, the faster they go.  So true...


I haven't posted here since school started in August.  But, I have been posting. 


Since our family has changed so much, I decided back in the fall to post primarily on one blog.  I was finding it difficult to separate our homeschooling entries from our family entries anyway.  I mean, when you homeschool, home is school.  Home is everything!


Now that we are a split family, and by split I mean part homeschool, part public school, I've decided to continue to post on my Blogger account. 


You can read about our family, our homeschool, how public school is going, Autism therapies,  and all the nitty gritty of our lives at All That And A Box Of Rocks.


Happy, Wonderful New Year to You!




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