Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

I'm a little early with the well wishes...

I'm making plans for a New Year's Eve family party. My first.  We're doing countdown activity bags and the theme is MINUTE TO WIN IT.  I've found the game blueprints on YouTube and will have prizes for the winners.  In between games, we'll open an activity bag every hour.    Here's a link to one example.
Here's another link.<  --  Our party will look a lot like this one.

I've never planned anything like this.  I'm excited!

Happy 2013!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday--Christmas Photography Fail

This is the sum of my Christmas photography...

A photo of my son's gravesite with his Na-Na now close by.
 (So weird for me after 20 years.)

Plus a few shots of my grandson on his very first Christmas...

(My camera  flash doesn't work--
the poor quality sorta zaps my desire to take photos.)

Ain't he sweet!

I hope y'all had a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wet Ones Wants to Hear about Our Sticky Situations!

My boy likes cake.  No, he LOVES cake.  His love affair with moist cake and sticky, sweet frosting goes way back.  I've posted here several times over the years about his cake escapades.

Like the time he attacked my German Chocolate layer cake.  (I thought the coconut icing would keep it safe.)


Oh, and the time he mutilated someone's birthday cupcakes and put them back into the box complete with bites, licks, and just total annihilation.

It was pretty fantastic!

And the numerous birthday posts--with five kids we have a lot of birthday cake.

He really doesn't care who is celebrating, as long as he gets cake.

Sweet baby face covered in frosting.  *Swoon*

One thing I've learned to do (finally) is to hide all cake in those snap-on cake carriers or inside the garage fridge.  No cake until the time is right.


   In all fairness, it's always time for cake in his eyes.

Another tip I've taken to heart?  Wet wipes.  Lots and lots of wet wipes.

Wet Ones is giving us all the opportunity to share our Sticky Situations along with tips on how to deal with them through their Facebook Contest! Simply log on and share your story and tips, and you can be entered to win an iPad Mini or Six Flags Tickets!

I just entered and it only took a few minutes!

Here’s the link to enter.

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Wet Ones. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Two More Weeks....

I haven't done a lot of posting lately.  We've been pretty slammed with weird, strange, and downright bad news over the past few weeks.  The loss of my mother-in-law last week has proven to be quite an emotional challenge, to say the least.

We have managed a little Christmas cheer, but nothing like our normal.  We usually buy a real tree, but pulled out an old, very artificial tree from the attic instead.  It's looking a little like A Charlie Brown Christmas around here.

The branches are a little flimsy, so I had to use my less sentimental ornaments.  I don't want to risk losing those special memories. (I wrote all about that a couple of years ago.)  Except for the kissing angels from our wedding cake.  Those are front and center EVERY year.  No matter what.  I used my filler ornaments this year.  I like them.  It's just a little....generic, I guess.  I added some plaid ribbon and some gold lame' ribbon I found at the thrift store.


In all seriousness, it's a nice tree.  I'm thankful for it and for what it represents to me.

Here's a clearer shot taken last week with a smiling, brand new 7-year-old.

This fun and sparkly snowman was found in the trash. (I am not above sending a husband or child on a little dumpster diving expedition.) All it needed was a new bulb.  The fiber optics add a nice touch.

I love nativity sets and have several.  I don't have room to display them all, so I choose a few each year.  I also have a collection of village pieces, but with all these boys and the new grandson to boot, I don't dare display them.  :)  I'm probably pushing my luck with these beauties...

Our mantel is Chrismas Central.  This is where the action is.  I'm ho-ho-hoping it is strong enough to hold the goodies in all these stockings this year!

I added a few of my Santas and some more plaid ribbon and a framed print-out I found on Pinterest.  (Don't you just love Pinterest???)

I planned to monogram our stockings, 
but I just don't have it in me this year.
Maybe next year?  

For now, paper tags will do the job.

And finally, I added some gold ornaments to my old wreath and jazzed up the front door.

You know.....it's not over-the-top, 
but it really is looking a lot like Christmas around here!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Birthday Boy!

Can't believe this guy is seven years old.

He woke up to exactly what he requested....Patrick.
(and Spongebob, for good measure.)

He was a very happy boy.

Happy Birthday, Eli Punkinpie!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

iPad for Eli Upate...

Thanks to the 40 iPads in 40 Days campaign at Apps for Children with Special Needs and one persistent mom, Eli has his iPad!  We are thrilled and so excited about this amazing gift!

A4CWSN started their iPad giveaway campaign months ago.  Every week I had to sign up and 'like' app developers on FB and Twitter.  I had to 'tweet' about the giveaway and follow people on Pinterest.  I'll be honest....I almost gave up several times.  The list of companies and individuals grew very long.

The A4CSWN page on FB has over 18000 likes...I know thousands of entries were made in this giveaway.  You can not begin to imagine my surprise to see my name on the list of winners!

So...in a few days we will be iPad owners.  Finally.

Now he needs the Autism apps for therapy...  Will you help?   

Christmas Wishes...

My Christmas wishes are for a better camera.  (seriously)

And for a STRONG mantel.  Heh heh.

Friday, November 23, 2012

An iPad for Eli??? (Part 2)

Well, friends...

Yesterday I wrote a long and drawn out post asking my blog buddies to purchase jewelry from The Puzzling Piece to help us get our little one an iPad for Autism therapy.

Due to the urging of several friends, I am retracting that plea and opening a fundraiser at You Caring.

An iPad and Autism Apps for Eli

This website allows people to set up fundraisers free of charge.  Every dollar raised goes to the beneficiary.  No jewelry to sell, no overpaying.  And each person who wants to help can donate whatever amount they are comfortable donating.

This fundraiser is open until January 1st and the money will be used to purchase an iPad and Autism apps for Eli.  Please share this link with your friends and if you feel so inclined, your donation is much appreciated.

We are thankful and grateful~

Thursday, November 22, 2012

An iPad for Eli??

Hello friends,

I know it seems like I'm always asking my friends to support my missions....Jump Rope for Heart, CHD walk, Autism Awareness, etc.   I appreciate every one of you who has ever read my blog and made a donation or offered a prayer for my sweet boy and these special organizations.  I have the BEST friends, far and near, online and IRL!

I hate to ask AGAIN, but... I am.  :)

I am trying to get an iPad for Eli.  IPads have become THE tool for therapists, teachers, and parents working with kids with Autism.  In the few months that Eli's ABA therapist has been using an iPad for his therapy, he has made leaps in progress.  It has been amazing to watch! If he had an iPad at home to compliment his therapy with homework, I cannot even begin to imagine how far he might go. 

I have investigated several state, national, and private grant programs in hopes of obtaining an iPad and the Autism apps Eli needs.  (The apps can be expensive.) I have applied for every grant, program, and giveaway without success.  So, I have turned to The Puzzling Piece for help.

The Puzzling Piece was created by a fellow Autism mom who saw the benefits of the iPad and the need in the Autism community.  

The idea is simple.  If I sell 60 pieces of jewelry, Eli gets an iPad.  The problem?  I am NOT a salesperson.  I do not have a large real-life network. 

So...I'm turning to you all...my blog readers.

The jewelry is priced from $20 to $74. (There is also a T-shirt for $25.)   If 60 of my blog friends each bought one piece of jewelry, Eli would have his iPad!  I have over 400 feed readers....60 is such a small percentage.   That gives me hope!  

As you each begin your Christmas shopping this Black Friday, I ask you that you take a moment and check out the items at The Puzzling Piece.  You can find great gifts AND help Eli get his iPad at the same time!  

Items can be ordered from the iPad Challenge page linked here:  

Just click the item to purchase.  The challenger's name (Lisa Schaffer) MUST be listed on the order for us to get credit.  There is a box on the left side of the order page for the challenger's name. 

If you can help get an iPad for Eli while shopping for those on your Christmas list, I thank you. It means the world to me!  Your $20 can make a HUGE impact on my boy.  

Please share this plea with your friends. 

Much love and peace~

Challenger's Name:  Lisa Schaffer (VERY important)

And this sweet boy will have an iPad for therapy:

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dream a Little Dream...aka...Eli's Art

Every morning during the car ride to school, my little one takes pencil and paper in hand to help pass the time.  Honestly, he takes pencil and paper in hand the majority of his free time.  He is quite the artist.

I planned to post this as a "Wordless Wednesday" post.  However, this colorful masterpiece needs an in-depth explanation.

It's a little large for my blog layout, I know.  I just wanted to make sure the drawing is large enough for everyone to see the detail that my little one put into his work of art.

This is....

                                          Sleeping Bunny

He finished this drawing in the car yesterday and took it into school with him.  Obviously, he was not finished!  He felt this particular drawing needed serious color.

Upon his return from school, my little one was very eager to share his finished masterpiece.  After several pointed questions, I interpreted said masterpiece.  (Sometimes his content is not as...obvious.)

The long, stretched out bunny is sleeping.  True, bunnies do stretch out nice and long when they sleep.
Notice his little toes and fluffy tail?

The bunny is sleeping (the stars are out) and he is dreaming about his favorite thing.


He LOVES carrots, and this is why he is surrounded by large hearts.

Love, love, love....

The carrot is the single object in this bunny's dream.

Since this drawing was created first thing yesterday morning, it makes me wonder if my little one was dreaming about a sleeping bunny dreaming about a carrot...

This morning's drawing was of a giant frog with a very long tongue hanging out.  On the end of his tongue was a huge strawberry.  Above the frog's tongue was a slice of pepperoni pizza.  Below it was a large, black bird with bulging eyes, guarding an egg.

But that's a whole 'nuther story.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shiny Baby

I have never in my life (and I've lived a while!) seen anyone enjoy a Charm's Blow Pop more than my grandson.  He chewed on that sucker until he had no strength left and was shiny and sticky from forehead to feet.

It. was. spectacular.

He went for his first Trick or Treat dressed as a cute little lion.

Then he came home and discovered the candy.

So sweet.


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